While marketing is a prime driver of business growth, spotting market opportunities is essential for growth and survival. Many companies are facing a future of great uncertainty. Change in the market has impacted their performance and that of their suppliers and customers. Time is limited. Management is stressed. Old certainties have disappeared. Yet in seeking to take the right steps, it is critical that management ensures that they are going in the right direction. A period of crisis can provide an opportunity to drive change more rapidly and effectively than a period of prosperity.

Beta Consultants help identifying such new business opportunities. By working closely with our clients we evolve strategies for both organic and inorganic growth. The process would include identifying target markets, key verticals, and major prospects, together with the buying signals or developments that could mean new or expanded business opportunities.

Our Interaction and collaboration with industry leaders and companies across various industry segments, enable us to provide in depth and accurate leads to our clients in identifying new business opportunities. This could mean new markets, new investments, new product plans and launches, capacity changes or changes in strategic direction.